In the Hole w/Jon Santiago (Third Eye Grind Records & Syrup Head Recordings)


June 7th, 2019

1 hr 56 mins 27 secs

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About this Episode

Jon Santiago, the mastermind behind Third Eye Grind Records & Syrup Head Recordings joins Will, Justin, and Tom in studio to talk about the DIY label proprietor.

Music Featured:
Six Brew Bantha - S-T LP
Hypnic Jerk - Uncounted and Untitled Tracks
Couple Skate - Asinine Insertions of Inappropriate Implantations
Grandma - Obscure Grandma's Necrocadaveric Vomit
Vomitoma - Dead Meat Hooked To A Car Battery
Buckshot Facelift - Living Ghosts of the North Shore
Swarrrm- Beginning to Break
Wuzee - Never Die Alone
Needle Contaminated Pork - Early Porks
Shit Life - Reign in Bud
Gomorrah - Gomorrah
Crack House - Smoke Crack in Hell
False Gods - The Serpent and the Ladder
Swallowing Shit - Anthology
Exhaust - Escapism Demo
Gorguts - ...And Then Comes Lividity
Phantasm - The Abominable